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Training in Poole

After a lovely Christmas break, it was fantastic to hit the water again for a full weekends training in Poole. On Saturday the wind ranged from around 20 to 28 knots from the West. We haven't had wind in a while, so it was nice to get back out on the hiking pads; it was a great opportunity to practice boat handling. All our sessions start with a briefing, followed by at least 30 minutes of fitness. When we hit the water it was a high impact 2.5 hrs training session in the morning and in for lunch and a debrief- unusual as we usually stay out all day and fuel up on the water.

Back out after lunch for another great 3.5 hr session where we focused on some great downwind stuff, before beating (going upwind), against a stong tide.

Sunday was less wind, around 7 -12 knots and it was great to get going after a freezing tow out to Poole Bay; great practice in light and sloppy conditions. As a sailor you have to deal equally with all conditions, wind or no wind! So the mental side is as demanding as the physical. Fab weekend!!

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