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Palamos Optimist Trophy Nations Cup 2015, Spain - Day 4

Forecast predicted huge high pressure system coming over us therefore bringing very light winds. It said that it was going to pick up to around 7 knots max, which would have been just enough to sail. We still had the same routine though (luckily I wasn’t woken up by the carnival this time!!) and were down by our boats by 9am.

Postponement flag went up at 10am which left us sitting on the ribs on the beach, eating snacks and drinking lots to prevent us from becoming dehydrated and to ensure we were ‘switched on’, ready to push the button at any moment.

Met some great German people next to us who taught us all some German and joined in with our games. We waited and waited and waited but no wind filled in. Lots of cloud cover, so sadly no chance of a thermal breeze. Unfortunately, the wind didn’t fill in as much as the race committee would have liked and racing was cancelled for the day.

Days like this are very challenging and can last hours. The really hard part is that you have to be like a loaded gun at all times, never knowing exactly when the trigger has to be pulled.

So no racing at all today, meaning that we would not have a final series with the gold, silver, bronze and emerald split. The event would instead continue with the qualifying series (coloured flights) with the aim to get at least one discard in after 4 races. Hopefully we will have some more wind tomorrow!

We rounded off the day with the carnival, which was absolutely amazing!! The amount of fun everyone had and how everyone was dancing! The atmosphere was incredible!! It was a Spanish dinner tonight at a tapas bar. Loved it! Sleep now needed.

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