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National Squad, Datchet Water- Day 1

We had an early start! Up at 5am, left at 6 arrived at Datchet around 7.30am. We had the most stunning conditions, 15 of the squad were there. Things were looking good. Had a nice wind of around 10 – 15 knots on Datchet Water to kick off this National Squad. It was a little different for me though, as I tried out the prototype for Ovington boats! This boat was the one that came from the RYA dinghy boat show at Alexandra Palace.

We started with a few tunning runs and checked our rigs over and did some warm up exercises like tacking on the whistle, before doing many rabbit runs and speed based exercises. This was really good to see what the boat was like and actually getting a feel for the wind, venue and new boat!

Hot Spaghetti Bolognese was provided by the club for lunch and a quick afternoon briefing before quickly heading back onto the water. We did some starting exercises and a few windward leeward races to finish off.

A great, successful day! Nice to try out the new boat too!

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