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National Squad, Datchet Water- Day 2

Saturday. The day of t

he second fitness testing in National Squad. Got up at 7am, ate my porridge with bananas on it and left at 8am to get there at 8:45am. Am I am aware that many of you won’t know what our RYA fitness testing consists of. Well, for those of you that don’t know, it includes T-Test (agility), Standing long jump test (power- legs), Press-ups – max reps (push strength), Suprine pulls – max reps (pull strength), Prone Hold and yes, the bleep test. This was a pretty hard lot of tests which really pushed all my fitness levels to the max. They also measure your height, seated height, weight and arm span. This all took a whole morning to get through but it was totally worth it!

We sailed in the afternoon doing some starting and racing work. There was about 10-15 knots again. This was challenging due to the shifty and gusty conditions in the venue but it was all great practice. You can’t really ask for more than sunny and medium winds. I loved it!

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