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Joint Squads, Weymouth- Day 2

Good nights sleep and breakfast at the club. Got my sail from the hanger and went up for the briefing. The plan was for racing in the morning and team racing in the afternoon.

It was much lighter than on Saturday but still around 10 knots. It went quite far right on both of the races so it was quite different to Saturday. Tough racing but still good fun.

The Team racing was good. I was with Alex Schonrock and Hannah Roberts- Straw which was great! We managed to win 2 of the 4 matches which we were pleased with, unfortunately just losing the other two, on the line. Still, great fun and we really looked mean with our white zinc war strips on our faces!!

So, yeah, a great weekend. Fairly tiring but it was good fun. Not the best results but as I said, it’s a process event so I am pleased that I have got my routines now.

My last Optimist Squads weekend! Wow time has flown bye! 4 years has gone so quickly!! I was sad but I have had an incredible time in Oppies!! I would just like to thank all my coaches, team mates and everyone who has helped me to get this far. It has been an incredible journey and I will miss being in the squad!

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