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Magic marine Easter Regatta, Braassemermeer - Day 1

Kicked off with a Team GB briefing which will now happen each morning of the event before hitting the water and a debrief ach day after racing. Hot water, credit cards, sponges. The lot came out to try and get our Volvo Gill stickers off my oppie hull in order to replace with the mandatory Magic Marine event sponsor stickers. Finally sorted we went out training for the morning which was really productive. Finally first race kicked off in the afternoon. Wind was in SE direction which I haven’t sailed in for the past 3 years. Very light and very shifty- difficult conditions. First day always tough as you settle in and calm a few butterflies. I was happy with my day as the wind was all over the place. I had a 6th and a 15th which was pretty consistent compared to many other peoples’ results! :)

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