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Magic Marine Easter Regatta, Braassemermeer - Day 2

Potentially the last day of flights, before the fleet is split into Gold, Silver and Bronze. 2 races in 5-11 knots - it was quite light and gusty. Then the wind went left and increased to 10-15 kts - quite gusty and a lot of long left shifts. This meant that most of the gains were from having the option to tack off the start line and staying out of trouble. Many of the leaders today came from the pin end and tacked. Really tight racing and I learnt so much! Results wise, I had another great day on the water with a 5th, 20th, 7th and a 7th. The discard kicked in now so I discarded my 20th. After today I was lying 12th overall. Just tried to keep them all in the top 10 and try to be consistent. With my 7th place

today (third race today), the committee got my result wrong. I was placed 7th when I was actually 5th. I had gathered witnesses from sailors paced 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th place to prove this fact. Even the sailor who was placed 5th witnessed that he had finished behind me. No matter what, they would not change the result. They said that because the three volunteers taking down results all agreed with the result, they were not making any change. So 2 points I wouldn’t otherwise have accumulated. Really but oh well. You can’t change the final decision so I guess just learn from it and move on.

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