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Rotterdam Sightseeing - Day 8

Today I had my first lie in in about a week although we had to rush out of the static home before 10 am. Went to Rotterdam to stay with our family friend Anneka. Really lovely to see her! She took us on a tour around Rotterdam. I was so surprised about how massive it was and had no idea it was soo industrial. Literally. It was huge!! She took us through the center.

After a couple of hours in the car we stopped at a place called Europort, just outside of Rotterdam. We had a delicious Dutch pea soup lunch and checked out the museum which showed the developments of the reclaimed land. Really interesting! On the way home we also passed through a couple of absolutely beautiful villages outside of Rotterdam, a complete contrast to the city.

In the evening I met some of Dad’s old friends who he had known from the age of 4. They had actually bought the first ever Contessa my Grandpa had built. Really nice to meet them and such lovely people.

Anneka was really kind and bought me a Poffage pan. For the many of you who have never heard of what a Poffage is. Well…they are Dutch pancakes which are tiny but amazing!! They are the width of about your thumb. They have become an annual tradition for me and Dad to eat whenever we return. We were going to try and look for a pan in Rotterdam and were so surprised and really happy when Anneka gave one to me as a gift. One of the many highlights of my trip so far!!

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