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Day 1 of Training at Port Zelande

Light winds. Went down to rig quite early and there was no wind at all. Came back for a briefing and breakfast. By midday, the wind haden’t picked up and all the other teams had just come in. Nevertheless, our group went out and fortunately, the wind picked up to about 7 kts, just as we were coming up. Did a few free tuning runs and some downwind work. Looked at some sitting positions and then came in. For one of the little exercises our coach Matt, cut off one of our sail ties right at the top. As we had spares we had to take our rigs down and re-tie the sail tie on to the right length on the water with no help in our boats, not on the rib. This was very good practice!! Productive day and well worth going out!! Ready for tomorrow!! Wind looks good at the moment!!

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