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Optisprings, Port Zelande - Day 1

First day of racing here in Port Zelande. Wind was up. Went down pretty early to rig up and register. Orange flight colour today. There were 6 flights. Had a short briefing and went out. The wind crept up all day to about 25-30 kts average and over 30 kts gusts!! Awesome conditions! First race I won. Great start to the series I thought!! Wasn’t sure if we were going to do another race as the breeze was seriously on! My wrist was hurting so much in the second race. I have no idea what I have done to it?! Possibly strained it. Was winning round the top mark and downwind. A friend from Belgium passed me downwind but I got him back at the bottom of the run. Upwind, the top 5 were so close together. With one mistake you could have easily been 5th, which is still, not a bad result!! I was winning until a wave literally sunk me as I came around the leeward gate mark. I was trying so hard to bail in the 30+ knots but my wrist was so bad now. It was so bad. It hurt so much. Unfortunately, with that amount of water in my boat and my wrist killing, a boat managed to get through underneath me. In the end, I finished 2nd in that race which I was soooo happy with as my wrist was soooo bad!! I was so tired and actually dreading another race due to my wrist. I would have tried but maybe not got the results I wanted. Luckily they put flag AP over H up which meant return to the boat park, but don’t de-rig or get changed as we may go out again. This was good as I could rest my wrist. We didn’t go out again as flag AP over A was put up, which meant that racing was finished for the day. Pretty pleased with a 1 and a 2 on the first day. Currently in 1st equal with 3 other people!! Happy with that. Tomorrow looks like a good forecast. Around 15 knots it’s saying at the moment. Fingers crossed that it will stay the same and the short rest will help my wrist!! :)

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