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Palamos Optimist Trophy Nations Cup 2015, Spain - Day 3

Same routine as yesterday time wise, BUT got woken up at 6.30am by the carnival preparations. Some of the floats were getting ready and going around the little streets and blasted loud music and flashing colourful lights into our rooms. Just what we needed the morning before the event hey?

The music continued throughout the morning as we were rigging our boats, which actually put everyone in a great mood. Event briefing at 9:30am and scheduled to launch at 10am. After a brief postponement due to lack of wind, we were finally launched in a lovely 15 knot breeze, due to build to around 20.

I was in red flight today so was third start. This was good as I had more of a chance to know what was going on and to tune my rig. The breeze built throughout the day to around 20 knots with a decent swell. 3 races were sailed and the day ended up to be ‘Champagne Sailing’! I was really pleased with my starting throughout the day. This was important, as you needed to stick to your plan and have clean air. When the wind and swell picked up, I found it quite difficult to sail and bail as you were constantly having to do it, but every time you got the boat dry, another wave would come.

Off the water around 5pm with 3 solid races sailed. Lying 28th/ 544 after first day. Dinner and much sleep needed.

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