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29er Winter Championships 2017- Draycote Water

Hi everyone! Over the last weekend I sailed with Emily Covell as a fun event to do before we start sailing together after July, in preparation for our ISAF Worlds campaign. This weekend was very challenging with a shifty 4-8 knot breeze all weekend, which made tactics exciting on the race track! The race committee did a great job to squeeze in a total of 8 races over the weekend and it was great, tight racing.

Emily and I have never sailed together before, so it was great to learn how each other work in the boat. On the first day we had managed to do a few tacks, gybes and tunes upwind before the race started. Throughout the day our results improved heaps which was all we needed to focus on. They were- 17,12,6,3.

On the second day we managed to get a bullet in the first race. The whole day was really up and down which made tactics tricky. On Sunday our results were- 1,19,15,4

So overall, these results placed us 4th and Ladies Winter Champions! Whoo! :) Super happy with this result!

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