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Summer Update- day before I head out to LA

So...last week, I sailed 6 days, starting off with a Youth Squad camp for 4 days and then a 2 day Grand Prix at Hayling Island Sailing Club.

Eve Townsend (my usual crew) is off games for a while and therefore I needed to find a crew to do Youth Squad, the Grand Prix and the events over the summer. I'm now doing the World Championships in LA and the Europeans in France with Emily Covell. Both of us are U19 which means we can compete at the Youth Worlds if selected. The European Championships are our Youth World Championship Qualifiers where the top GBR all girl and all boy boats are selected by The RYA. This year, the Youth Worlds Championships are being held in Sanya, China in December.

Back to last week though, I had a Youth Squad which I did 2 days with Emily and 2 days with Elliott. I also did the Grand Prix at the weekend with Elliott. These two events were great prep for the World Championships which I leave for tomorrow!

On the Saturday of the Grand Prix, there was a 15-20 knot breeze from the South West with big choppy waves. The conditions were so much fun and the surfing downwind was great! Elliott and I managed to get 2,8,7,5. Apart from the two days of Youth Squad, we hadn't sailed together before so I was really happy with these results.

On Sunday, there was a 6-10 knot Westerly breeze which meant there was much closer racing which made the tactics really interesting. Overall we finished 5th.

So, yes, LA tomorrow! Omg, literally sooo excited! So we have the US National Championships starting on Wednesday and goes through to Friday. Then, Worlds starts on the following Monday and goes through to Saturday.

Also, big shout out to Eve for being happy for Em and I to still use her brand new boat in LA.

Going to try and keep you all posted.

Hattie x

HISC Grand Prix 8 report:

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