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Magic Marine Easter Regatta, Braassemermeer - Day 3

Were afloat for 8 hours today!! Sailed 3 races today. We did one in about 2 kts from the NE, placed 17th, then waited ages before doing another two. Really testing when that happens, as you have to mentally get a grip and work hard to stay in the sailing mind set. Kept up my hydration levels, snacked, kept observing the track for changes. Before racing restarted, we spotted pressure down the track and were the first team to start our tuning runs (warm ups) before the start. At 1400 the sea breeze kicked in from the SW and we did two more races. 11th and an 18th, two more solid results that got me into the all important Gold Fleet, always such a relief! This puts me 6th overall at the moment. Hoping for good wind tomorrow.

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